Why Choose a Professional Cake Smash Photographer?

Why Choose a Professional Cake Smash Photographer?

Why Choose a Professional Cake Smash Photographer?

When considering a cake smash photo session as a way to celebrate your baby's 1st birthday, it's easy to get caught up researching some amazing set ups and considering...DIY (doing it yourself).  However, with so many preparations to think about, often the best option for busy families is to leave the hard work to a professional, here is why...

1.  Location

Often professional cake smash photographers have purpose built studios with the perfect lighting, backdrops and flooring.  They know the 'secret spots' to perfect outdoor venues and often have access to private properties with exceptional backdrops.  They have an eye for the best outdoor lighting.

Photo Credit: Outback Impressions Photography


2.  Equipment

There is no doubt that photographers have the BEST cameras and the absolute best skills in using them.  They've had far more experience in photography and editing than most people.  They are experienced in the editing process of the photos and software they use.

Photo Credit: Melissa Micale Photography


3.  Props

They have done the hard work for you.  They have the ideas, they have the props and they know exactly how to set up the décor to maximise the space and work with the baby and cake as the centre of focus.

Photo Credit: Jessica Schmierer Photography


4.  Outfits

If your photographer doesn't already supply your baby's special outfit (we work with many photographers to provide cake smash appropriate outfits) then definitely shop our range at www.playtimethreads.com.au

Photo Credit: Jessica Schmierer Photography


5.  Cakes

Photographers know the best local cake makers with the best recipes for the perfect cake smash experience.

Photo Credit: Alana Taylor Photography


6.  Experience

Photographers have years of experience working with this age group.  They have the charm and tricks to get the best smiles and facial expressions from your baby.  

7.  Time & Patience

A DIY can be quite stressful, after months of preparations you can feel quite deflated when things just don't go according to plan.  If the day you've organised the session for has poor weather and lighting - a photographer has the correct lighting and indoor space that this just won't be an issue.

Made your own cake but it was a complete failure?....a photographer would have already used a professional cake maker to provide the perfect cake.

Camera failed....eeeek!  What a disaster.  Often photographers will use more than one camera or switch back up methods to ensure the special moments of the session are still captured.

Photo Credit: Lyndall Katsoulis Photography


 8.  Conclusion

Don't get me wrong...a DIY Cake smash can certainly be done!  But consider this as a celebration of your 1st year of your baby's life and congratulate yourself too.  Take a break from the stress of planning and running your own session if you want to and enjoy a professional photographer's expertise capturing the special moments.

Rach x

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