Why I Only Use Organic Bamboo Terry Towelling on our Bibs & Burp Cloths

Why I Only Use Organic Bamboo Terry Towelling on our Bibs & Burp Cloths

In 2013, when I was pregnant with my first baby, all I wanted for my 30th birthday that year was a sewing machine. I couldn't wait to start sewing up super cute bibs, outfits, sheets and burp cloths before he arrived.

3 months before he arrived and my new sewing machine was ready to go I began searching for only the most premium fabrics, afterall, only the best for this first baby.  Regular towelling as a backing to bibs just wasn't going to cut it, we all know how scratchy it can be when too dry and how rough it can feel even when too wet.  I searched high and low for the most ultra absorbent and silky soft to touch towelling and happily settled on double sided organic bamboo towelling. 


Shortly after Mason arrived I quickly realised burp cloths were our best friends!  He was an excessive drooler, he suffered food intolerances so a big spewer too.  Burp cloths were everywhere in our house, where his head lay in his cot, on our bed, in every bag and both cars, we couldn't live without them.  But let's be honest, a beautiful burp cloth is a necessity when someone else is holding your baby to protect their clothes.  A dirty towel is not attractive and no one wants to deal touch those!

Friends from Mother's groups were desperate for nice burp cloths and I started sewing sets up for their baby's and that's where the business idea came about.

Beautiful burp cloth gift packs were created, our signature item for our first business, Bubs Burps and Bibs.


Why I will only use organic bamboo terry towelling...

Bamboo is a versatile and eco-friendly plant that is used in various industries, including textiles. Organic bamboo towelling, in particular, has become increasingly popular due to its sustainability and numerous benefits.  In 2018 we welcomed our daughter Emilia and I was excited to be using the organic bamboo terry towelling again in our everyday lives!


Here's why...

1. Silky soft and comfortable

One of the most significant benefits of organic bamboo towelling is its softness and comfort. Its fibres are much finer than cotton, making it more delicate and gentle on the skin. Organic bamboo towelling products are perfect for baby's with sensitive skin, allergies or eczema.

2. Highly absorbent

Another advantage of organic bamboo towelling is its high absorbency. It can absorb up to three times its weight in water, making it the ideal material for bath towels, face cloths and other household textiles. It is also quick-drying, reducing the likelihood of developing odours.

3. Eco-friendly

Organic bamboo towelling is an eco-friendly option compared to cotton, which is one of the most polluting crops globally. Bamboo grows naturally and requires minimal water, fertilisers and pesticides, making it a sustainable alternative. Moreover, organic bamboo towelling is biodegradable, so it won't end up in landfills forever.

4. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties, which prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes. This makes organic bamboo towelling a hygienic and healthy choice for household items. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic, so it won't cause irritations or rashes.

5. Durable and long-lasting

Organic bamboo towelling products are durable and long-lasting, thanks to the strength of bamboo fibres. They can withstand multiple washes without losing their softness, absorbency or shape.


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